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21 April 2021


Happy Brokers 08/04/2014 - Booming Spring 2014
Good Times Are Back

Happy Brokers 10/02/2011 - 2011 Looking Good for secureds
Best Month in 3 years

Happy Brokers 15/01/2008 - EXCLUSIVE: London Scottish withdraws
London Scottish Mortgages has become the latest lender to pull from the secured loans market.

Happy Brokers 09/01/2008 - Money Partners sold to Goldmans
Money Partners has been sold outright to Goldman Sachs, ending weeks of speculation that a deal had been done.

Happy Brokers 06/12/2007 - Prestige Controls their Lending Volumes
To control their lending volumes Prestige stipulate that all new loans will be subject to a maximum gross loan of 20 000 and will not be able to complete until 2008

Happy Brokers 06/12/2007 - EPF caps at 90%
Endeavour Personal Finance today capped its LTVs at 90% for the entire range of products

Happy Brokers 29/11/2007 - Association of Finance Brokers to hold Professional Indemnity Cover Talks
Insurers have confirmed they were reconsidering offering cover to Loan Brokers.

Happy Brokers 05/11/2007 - Paragon/Advantage Withdraws
The joint venture with Morgan Stanley-owned brand Advantage is suspended from today.

Happy Brokers 05/11/2007 - Money Partners Withdraws From Secured Loans
Money Partners has confirmed that it will today withdraw its Axis range of secured loan products effective from the close of business on 9 November 2007.

Happy Brokers 01/11/2007 - Redundancies at Kensington
Kensington has announced that, in light of credit market conditions, it is to streamline its operations by reducing headcount and increasing its level of automation in preparation for market recovery.

Happy Brokers 01/11/2007 - Serious Debt Worries Sweep UK
New research from debt consultants, Thomas Charles, has revealed over 15% of British adults are in serious debt, owing more than 10,000 in unsecured debt.

Happy Brokers 29/10/2007 - Redundancies at Prestige
Prestige Finance has announced that it is to make a number of redundancies

Happy Brokers 29/10/2007 - Paragon axes 110% LTV option
Paragon Personal Finance has today confirmed it has axed the 110% LTV option

Happy Brokers 25/10/2007 - Firstplus clarifies sale rumours
Firstplus has again had to deny rumours that the company has been put up for sale by Barclays

Happy Brokers 25/10/2007 - Swift announces revised rates
Swift Advances has once again revised its underwriting criteria after it announced a number of changes to its product offering from November

Happy Brokers 25/10/2007 - Nemo revises product range
Nemo Personal Finance has announced it is to increase rates on regulated products, just moments after SPPLs announcement.

Happy Brokers 25/10/2007 - EXCLUSIVE: Kensington retains staff
Kensington Group has retained its entire secured loan staff after withdrawing from the market, sparking rumours of a re-entry to the market in 2008.

Happy Brokers 25/10/2007 - Money Partners Discussions Ongoing
Money Partners today refused to confirm market rumour that is moving closer to securing a new backer for its secured loan proposition.

Happy Brokers 17/10/2007 - SPPL Withdraws From The Second Charge Market
SPPL has announced the closure of it's Second Charge Department.

Happy Brokers 17/10/2007 - GE Money Restructures Distribution
GE Money Home Lending has today restructured its distribution methods with a new management structure.